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CV Axles & U-Joint Replacement

Constant-velocity axles and U-Joints allow the smooth transfer of power to the drive wheels on a car or truck allowing for variable angles, at constant rotational speed, without an placing an increase in friction or play on the shaft. CV joints are mainly used on front wheel drive vehicle. Universal Joints (U-Joints) are more common on most rear wheel drive cars and trucks.CV joints are often implemented on cars with independent rear suspension systems.

A common cause of u-joint and CV joint failure is the loss of the lubricant that is stored and sealed inside the CV boot or universal joint cap seals. As the lubricant, which is typically heavy grease, leaks from the joint you will begin to notice an increase of grinding sound. You will also notice, primarily on front wheel drive cars, a loud noise when making turns. For rear wheel drive cars and trucks a more common symptom is a vibration at higher speeds.

If notice any of the above listed symptoms, Call or Stop by the Eagle Transmission located on Ave K in Plano TX. Our expert transmission and drive line diagnostic technician will be glad to determine the cause and promptly replace or repair any CV Axle or U-Joint that may be the cause of vibration or noise on your car or truck’s drive line.

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