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A differential, sometimes called (the rear end), is a component of your car or trucks driveline which is designed to redirect the torque produced through the transmission. On a rear wheel drive vehicle the differential is integrated into the rear axle. The drive shaft, which is driven by the transmission, connects to the front of the drive axle. The differential redirects the torque to the final drive axles which turn the rear wheels. A differential, in one form or another, is used in most of today’s trucks and cars, including front wheel drive vehicles.

A typical differential service will consist of a initial inspection, the removal if needed, repair or the replacement of damaged gears, seals, bearings, and inspection of axles as well as replacing the lubricant...  Eagle Transmission & Auto Repair Shop of Plano Tx. has the expertise to diagnose & repair any differential, drive axle (rear end), drive line problems. If you are noticing any peculiar noise from your car or truck’s drive axle or differential, Don’t Delay! Call or Stop by today!

Differential Driveline Service & Repair

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