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A cars water pump endures constant use inside your engine and allows the car's engine to endure intense heat that internal combustion produces. When your vehicle engine is on, the vehicles water pump circulates the coolant, or antifreeze, in the cylinder head and the car engine block to cool the engine down. After the coolant has passed through the engine it's sent back into the car radiator to be cooled before entering the engine again.

When it comes to a car's water pump longevity, they actually tend to last a long time.

Your water pump will tend to give you warning signs before it fails. The first sign is if coolant is leaking around the car's water pump. Weep holes are located on the casing of the car's water pump will leak coolant when the water pump is failing. Also if you notice puddle of coolant where your car was park then your water pump may be leaking.  Another red flag is if the water pump is making more noise than it usually does. This can possibly  be from a defective impeller or other issue. Bring your car by Eagle Transmission and Auto Repair Shop  Plano TX. to have your water pump, hoses, or radiator check today.

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